Jamaican Wedding Customs

Jamaica is actually a country that is known for being a great holiday destination, but it’s also home into a rich culture. This is especially true once considering their wedding ceremony traditions. While many jamaican wedding ceremonies are similar to weddings that take place in Western countries, they do have some variances. One such traditions is the wedding cake. In the past, “cake parades” may take place both the day of or the moment before the actual wedding ceremony. The standard rum wedding cake consists of raisins, currants, and other dried fruits that have been soaked in rum for several weeks to give this its darker color. This kind of cake can be served each and every jamaican wedding ceremony.

An alternative difference via Western wedding ceremonies is that in a jamaican wedding ceremony, the bride’s father and mother jamaican women usually companion her over the aisle. While many couples could find this as being a bit vast, it is a means for the bride-to-be to live up too equally parents for all those that they have done on her behalf.

With regards to a jamaican marriage reception, it is actually generally long and lasts before the sun comes up. Guests are required to stay and revel in the food, beverages, and music that is presented. It is considered inappropriate etiquette to leave extremely early coming from the reception.


Many contemporary jamaican marriages enlist the help of being married consultant or planner. In the past, nevertheless , it https://www.komando.com/lifestyle/online-dating-tips/861304/ was a prevalent practice for the whole community that can be played a role in planning the ceremony and reception.

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