HP LaserJet 1018 Printer Software and Driver Downloads

Enhancements introduced last week at the Microsoft Build conference doubled performance for generative AI models, such as Stable Diffusion, that take advantage of new DirectML optimizations. Issues with the display driver and incompatible Windows updates are what normally cause the display driver to crash. But, in most cases, the solution is easy and doesn’t involves repair cost. Fast Startup helps your PC boot faster than a conventional shutdown. However, occasionally the feature can affect the normal startup behavior and may cause issues with the display driver. If you can’t boot into Windows due to severe crashing, make sure to download the DDU app to a USB drive and then connect it to your PC. Next, boot into safe mode on Windows and follow the steps below.

Bug reports, contributions, suggestions for improvements, and similar things are much appreciated and can be sent by e-mail to Our original text-only tutorial has been viewed by over half a million engineers. Our updated 8-part video course sets a new standard in CAN training. To remove the installed Kvaser CANlib SDK, simply uninstall using the Windows Control Panel.

How to Update Drivers on Windows 11

For graphics drivers, you can use the control panel included with your graphics drivers to check for updates them. NVIDIA, AMD, and even Intel provide control panels that automatically check for and download the latest graphics driver updates for you. But if you’d like to manually install the latest drivers (say for your graphics card), you can do so by downloading the drivers from the device manufacturer’s site or using Device Manager.

  • But unless you need it to print out graphics files (or you print a ton of PDFs), you’re better off sticking to PCL.
  • However, you can update drivers if you want additional features and improved system performance, as with Graphics Driver to play games.
  • They supposedly scan your system, tell you what’s out of date, and offer to update them for you.

That way, if you ever run into any issues with an updated driver, you can choose to restore one or more of the backed-up drivers via the restore feature. Driver updates help keep your PC shipshape by preventing performance issues commonly caused by outdated or missing drivers.

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